Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Pre-Natal Massage

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Pre-Natal Massage – $90 PER HOUR
At the Live Well Centre we pay special attention to expectant Moms.  Pre-natal massage has been shown to:

  • Improve maternal mood
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease stress hormones in pregnant women
  • Decrease obstetrical complications
  • Improve neonatal health and development

We also have a special pregnancy cushion that allows you to lay face down right up to term.

Labour Preparation – $90

Preparing for labour and delivery can be daunting or even scary.  As you move into the unknown, preparing for labour by receiving regular deep tissue massage therapy will improve your focus and teach you how to move through discomfort and resistance.  Our culture tends to resist the unfamiliar or the unknown.  Learn new pain coping skills through visualization, breath work and surrender.

“We acknowledge that pain is an integral part of childbirth, but much can be done to ease suffering “

Birthing Form Within

Post-partum Massage – $150

At the Live Well Centre we offer the unique experience of post-partum HOME VISITS.  Nurturing the Mother with massage therapy in the immediate post-partum will allow your body to integrate everything that is new.

  • Decreasing recovery time
  • Increasing body awareness
  • Decrease post-partum depression

This can be a great gift for a new MOM.

Infant Massage Instruction – $55 for individual or $100 flat rate for group

The most important thing about infant massage is touch is the only language that infants know.  So, it is a way for us to communicate to our babies our love and affection.   This is just another tool to allow you to bond and connect with your new baby.  We offer infant massage instruction in a group setting or individually.  Just call the Live Well Centre 613-549-0866 to book any of our maternal or infant related treatments.  We look forward to meeting you!